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Hi! My name is Anton Oparin. Welcome to my Private Guitar Club! Due to my more-than-
fifteen-year music practice, I have got broad and successful experience in guitar playing,
studio work, as well as live performances. Giving lessons worldwide, I came across time deficiency,
because there were too many eager people. Therefore, my team and I have decided to open
an innovative school which will help everyone to master the guitar and to learn all the secrets
of my performing and composing skills.
About Club

The Private Guitar Club where I share all my secrets of guitar playing is based at Telegram. I have invented my own system of training which suits all and everyone, from beginners to the skilled professionals who have been working on stage for many years. The club members have possibility of uploading the videos of their homework. On regular basis, I watch these videos, answer your questions and control your training process personally.


- To ask questions, to share photos/videos of hand positioning, the fulfilled tasks and all other details.
- To get the exclusive tutorials.
- To become a part of a Global Guitar Community.

24/7 useful information
Access to a huge video base of Anton’s lessons
Answers to all your questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1) People are all different, they have different training, they are all at different stages, so will I be able to keep pace with the others?
Answer: You should not keep pace with anybody, since there is a training system, and you will just work with the materials you are ready for according to this system, and you can consult with Anton at any time.

2) How do you cope with the work stress, for the more trainees you have, the more attention they need?
Answer: The high cost of the club membership is the compelled limiter of trainees number, which at the same time provides to all our member students an opportunity to receive a high-quality training.

3) Is there any chance of personal training (face-to-face) with Anton? And how much can it cost?
Answer: You learn directly from Anton, and it is Anton who controls your work. Lessons are not provided via Skype.

4) I cannot pay all sum at once. Do you have payment by installments?
Answer: Unfortunately, meanwhile we have no payment by installments, but we are seeking ways to introduce it. The thing is, when you join the club, you immediately get access to a huge base of lessons and knowledge, which Anton has been working on all his life. This is his own intellectual property, an enormous and unique volume of information, and one cannot simply pay for one month and get access to everything.

5) What is the starting training level at which the club’s training materials are suitable? Are they suitable for beginners? Do you consider the level of guitar playing? Some people are more or less experienced in it, while others should begin from the very beginning. How well is information adapted for beginners?
Answer: Anton's training system is step-by-step, it is designed for guitar players of any level: from the beginners holding the guitar for the first time, to professionals who are perfecting their guitar technique.

6) Can I get access to all the existing club materials after I join it? I mean, do you have some kind of a catalogue of all you already have, or does the site give you only tasks and videos?
Answer: Right, once you have joined the club, you get access to a huge base of lessons, and to the base of Anton’s answers to the students’ questions, which will help you avoid common mistakes.

7) Is there some fixed schedule? I mean, do I have to complete or receive tasks in time, or is everything more or less free, and there only exists a certain deadline?
Answer: There is no deadline and no schedule that you must follow with your homework, you just get your tasks and you do your best to carry them out.

8) Is it only technique you are paying attention to? Do you analyze compositions, work on rhythm, study the theory (notes, timing, intervals and so on)?
Answer: Yes, we work with compositions, as well as with the rhythm, theory, and all the rest. This is an integral part of development of any musician, therefore, this is a part of the training system.

9) If I have my own question, for example, I need a video of some certain piece of music, what should I do then? Will I get my own video, or will I have to join the queue?
Answer: All questions are handled on the Chat page, and if it concerns your musical development, the Club has no restrictions concerning the topic of your question. All questions are welcomed.

10) The User Agreement mentions some additional fee. According to this point, will there be any additional fee for my requests concerning some special exercises?
Answer: There are no additional fees, it is a pure contract formality providing for a possibility of adding new services.

11) Who exactly teaches different groups? How many teachers do you have? Do you split students into groups, and can I choose you as my teacher?
Answer: Anton controls the training process personally. There is no grouping. Each trainee, depending on the date he/she entered the club, works on different lessons and gets corresponding advice.

12) How is payment carried out? Is everything based on trust, or is there some document, contract and so on?
Answer: For payment you need to contact us via email - and provide the information that we ask, you can find it below if you click "pay" button, You choose your type of membership and before payment, you should agree to the terms of the User Agreement.

13) What is the approximate time for mastering the majority of guitar techniques and bringing them to the good level?
Answer: The magic pill does not exist. If you work hard enough, you will be able to achieve any results, but be ready for a hard work. It depends on a person. It is not right to specify some certain term.

14) Do you have some training program with some necessary steps for skill development and reinforcement, each of which has a qualifying test? Or, being a Club member, I will only have an opportunity to ask questions and watch video lessons?
Answer: Yes, Anton has a worked-out training system developed on the basis of his father’s sport and medical knowledge. Learning according to this system, step by step, you can achieve incredible results in guitar playing.

15) Does it make sense to join the club if I have only one hour a day for my classes at best?
Answer: The most important thing is never make mistakes when you are playing; in this case, you will make steady but slow progress.

16) Do you have a trial club membership?
Answer: We cannot provide you with a trial membership, because as soon as you join the club, you get access to the whole training base at once.

17) Can I get a paid (Skype) tutorial from Anton, about 10 minutes, only to ask him about the club?
Answer: There is no such opportunity, please find the full information on the website. Have a better look at it.

18) Can I play guitar if I have a hand injury? What can Anton advise me, are there any special exercises for me?
Answer: Anton cannot take responsibility for your health, therefore, if you have certain problems, please address your doctor.

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